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Event Details

  • When: February 8, 2023 | 4pm-7pm

  • Where: BIO5 Institute | 1657 East Helen Street Tucson Arizona 85721

  • Audience: You! Community Members, Researchers, Students, Faculty


The BIO5 Institute endeavors are focused on solving the world’s grand biological challenges, improving society, and positively impacting Arizonans. Experience guided lab tours through our tri-building complex, discovery stations, KEYS alumni poster presentations, inspiring and interactive discussions with BIO5 researchers, and much more.

You will learn how novel research grows into meaningful innovation. Discover why Tucson, Arizona is becoming a leader in bio-technology. Discover research, innovation and impact. Discover BIO5!


Community, Researchers, Students, Industry, and Government

Connecting the "5" in The BIO5 Institute

This event takes place in our coveted Tri-Building Complex comprising three buildings and a central courtyard. All three buildings are connected, however, they also stand alone in their own designs and features.

The Thomas W. Keating Building is casually known as "The Home of BIO5". It is 177,000 sqft and was built in 2006. Alongside, the Keating building is the Medical Research Building (MRB) which is 152,000 sqft and was also built in 2006. The third and newest building is the Biosciences Research Laboratories Building (BSRL). BSRL is approximately 172,000 sqft and construction was completed in 2017. What all three of these buildings have in common is next-level, multi-disciplinary, challenge-solving research. The Tri-building Complex represents the culmination of great University of Arizona research. 


4:00pm - 5:30pm

Meet a Scientist

Keating Building, Room 103



Welcome by Dr. Jennifer Barton

Tri-Building Complex


5:30pm - 6:30pm

Panel Discussion: 

Research - Why?

Keating Building, Room 103


  • Art Exhibit

    • BSRL South Lobby
  • High school research zone
    • Medical Research Building Lobby & Room 100
  • Prototype & Historical Equipment Museum
    • BSRL North Lobby
  • BIO5 Theater
    • Keating 109
  • Virtual Reality Demo
    • BSRL South 100
  • Research to Innovation Poster Showcase
    • Keating 103
  • Activity & Demonstration Tables
    • Throughout Keating
  • Authors of bio5
    • Keating 107
  • Stargazing
    • East of Keating Building
  • Keating & bsrl tours
    • See Information Below
BIO5 structure with blue background.

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