BIO5 connects and mobilizes top researchers in agriculture, engineering, biomedicine, pharmacy, basic science, and computational science to find creative solutions to humanity’s most pressing health and environmental challenges.

Since 2001, this interdisciplinary approach has served as an international model for conducting collaborative research. BIO5 efforts have resulted in disease prevention strategies, promising new therapies, innovative diagnostics and devices, and improved food sustainability.

Keating Building


A special investment in higher education made possible by the passage of Proposition 301 by Arizona voters in November 2000 helped launch BIO5, and continues to drive effective, cross-disciplinary bioscience research and innovation at the University of Arizona. Initiatives and projects are carefully chosen to align with areas of state and national need.

Because of TRIF, we have been able to invest $50+M over the last 20 years in building critical facilities and research services that UArizona is leveraging today to respond to the world’s greatest biological challenges. TRIF resources are also instrumental in recruiting and retaining top scientific minds, supporting team science, training our next generation workforce, and funding events, programs and grants that promote STEM education, research, and literacy.

Wilbur Discover BIO5


The DISCOVER BIO5 event series is designed to showcase the innovative bioscience research happening at the University of Arizona, and to share the inspiring ways we are preparing our next generation of scientists for the future.

Through a collection of events each year, we offer a “public sneak peek” into BIO5’s world-class research and discovery endeavors focused on solving the world’s grand biological challenges, improving society, and positively impacting Arizonans.

Dr. Jennifer Barton

“The TRIF funding that helped launch the BIO5 Institute in 2001 continues to catalyze a highly effective, cross-disciplinary research and translational bio/health sciences hub at the University of Arizona. Initiatives and projects are carefully chosen to align with areas of state and national need and with existing faculty expertise. Because of TRIF, BIO5 is able to help quickly connect, facilitate, and deploy people, resources, and funding to expedite our community impact related to grand challenges and large-scale crises such as COVID-19. This strategy expands impact, economic opportunity, and external funding opportunities.”
Dr. Jennifer Barton, BIO5 Director 
Dr. Robert Robbins

“We are at an important moment in history, and the University of Arizona’s culture of collaboration and innovation in world-changing research and life-changing education means that the University is well positioned to be a leader in driving the future of the Fourth Industrial Revolution – the convergence of the physical, biological, and digital worlds. The BIO5 institute was doing this before the Fourth Industrial Revolution was a concept. BIO5 researchers are leaders in this revolution, working together to advance the pace of scientific discovery by tackling complex biology-based grand challenges affecting humanity. The BIO5 strategy takes advantage of the rapid change around us, aggregates diverse expertise and knowledge, and prepares students for future success by integrating them into transformational learning experiences. I am incredibly proud to be celebrating BIO5's 20 years of excellence.”
Dr. Robert Robbins, University of Arizona President