BIO5 Ignites Science


BIO5 Ignites Science


2021 - 2022

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The BIO5 Institute harnesses the powers of diversity and inclusivity to ignite scientific discovery and innovation and prepare students for leading, living, and working in a diverse world. 

BIO5 Ignites Science is an ongoing event series in a moderated, interactive table conversation format about how the value in diversity of thought, ideals, expertise, culture, approach, personal experience, disciplines, and background is embedded in the DNA of BIO5, and how we foster an inclusive, open-minded, and supportive environment. 

The event series is open to the public and university community, including to faculty, staff, students, lab personnel staff, and other campus partners. 



November 9, 2021 - Diverse Backgrounds and Ways of Thinking


Michael Johnson - Assistant professor of immunobiology and applied biosciences
May Khanna - Associate professor of pharmacology, assistant professor of neuroscience
Julie Ledford - Associate professor of cellular and molecular medicine, immunobiology, medicine, clinical translational sciences, and applied biosciences
Benjamin Renquist - Associate professor of animal and comparative biomedical sciences, nutritional sciences, and physiological sciences