Frequently Asked Questions

BIO5/BIOSA Student Industry Networking Event

Q: What companies will be present at the event?

An exhibitor list is provided online and updated periodically.

Q: Do I have to register to be able to attend the event?

Yes. Registering online will ensure that you will be admitted to the event and that you have a name badge when you arrive. It will also help in providing sufficient quantities of refreshments that are available to you free of charge. Walk-ins can be admitted if the event is not over-crowded; walk-ins will be asked to complete a registration on-site.

Q: Do I need to be there the whole 2 hours?

No, you may arrive at any time. Just make sure to allot the time you need to talk with exhibitors. Beware: some companies are highly sought after and draw long lines of students who wish to talk with them.

Q: How should I prepare for the event?

Prepare an "elevator pitch" to talk about your relevant past experience (internships, jobs, course work). Helpful resources can be found at the UA Career Resource Library > Networking link and other sites online. For a sampling of helpful questions click here.

Q: Do we submit our resumes before the event, bring them with us, or is this just an informal gathering?

The main focus of the event is networking, not finding jobs or internships right then and there. That said, please bring a few copies of your resume along, as some of the employers present may indeed have job or internship openings.

Q: Should I bring a resume?

Yes, bringing along a few copies of an updated resume may prove useful.

Q: How should I dress?

Business attire is recommended (Men: button up shirts, slacks, jacket and/or tie. Women: work slacks or skirt, blouse, jacket optional)

Q: What should I do when I arrive at the event?

Visit with the Check-In desk to get your name tag and Exhibitor Map. Then, you are free to roam the exhibit hall and/or to attend any of the breakout sessions.

Q: Are exhibitors hiring?

In general, exhibitors are there to network, inform students about their company and collect resumes for future openings. In the past, several companies also had openings and were actively hiring or recruiting employees and/or interns.

Q: Will interviews be conducted on-site?

In general, company representatives are not planning to interview students on-site. They are prepared to answer your questions, and to talk about their own careers and their companies; what it is like to work there, and how to pursue internships and/or job with their companies/industry.


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